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Saliva PCR Test

  • Painless, non-invasive test recommended for anyone over 5 years old
  • This is considered the gold standard because of its ability to detect even very small amounts of viral material (NYT, 2020)
  • Results available within on average between 24 and 72 hours via email notification that your results are ready
  • Recommended 5-8 days after a possible COVID-19 exposure
  • Proactive Screening Can Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

Rapid Antigen Testing

  • Gentle Nasal Swab Test
  • Wait for your results within 15 min or drive away and receive your results within 2 to 3 hours via email notification.
  • "It tells you, am I a risk to my family right now? Am I spreading the virus right now?" said Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at Harvard University‚Äôs School of Public Health (NYT, 2020)
  • Please note: The rapid antigen test is NOT a PCR test, which is required by most airlines for travel clearance.

Rapid Antibody Testing

  • Finger Prick Blood Sampling
  • Wait for your results for about 15-20 min or drive away and receive your results within 2 to 3 hours via email notification.
  • This antibody test detects both IGG and IGM antibodies. This test also detects antibodies if you were infected in the past 2 months.
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You may want a COVID-19 Test if you...

  • Believe you may have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19

  • Have recently traveled

  • Are planning to visit family or friends

  • Are returning to work

  • Are travelling somewhere that requires proof of a negative test

  • Want peace of mind!

Ready to be tested? Book an Appointment or Drive-up!

Our Northbrook, Il drive-up COVID-19 testing site is open 7 days a week from Sun & Mon 7am to 7pm then Tues thru Sat from 7am to 2pm. Book an appointment here or just drive-up, park in one of our designated spaces and then text us at the number found on our parking sign. Please bring a copy of your Drivers License or State ID.